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A day in your life photography

A day in your life photography

Does it seem to move so quickly that another year has come and gone? Do you discover mementos of tender moments with your family tucked away and think, “I can’t believe how long ago that was.”? Do you ever gaze at your children and want to hold on to the here and now knowing that each moment is precious, yet fleeting?

As a mother of two, I’ve come to learn the truth that time passes more quickly once we have children. This time is cherished, questioned, nurtured, and sometimes a blur.

Through my lens, I want to help you hold on to this moment with a day in the life of your family.

We all have our favorite parks, restaurants, museums, beaches, or perhaps just quiet time in the house?
With a day in the life of your family, you pick the time and the place and I will help you capture the moment—memories that will live on a lifetime.

Imagine an afternoon (or even an entire day) caught in pictures and film. Imagine holding on to these precious moments of laughter and love; of anecdotes and comical quotes that mark a precise moment in time… A day in the life is a less formal photo shoot and a great way to capture the daily rhythm, not to mention skipping the often challenging chore of coaxing kids to pose.

Imagine having a personal photographer ready to match your needs? I look forward to hearing from you and the special day that you want to hold on to.

Maud Daujean


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